Water Drank: 10 glasses
Steps Counted: under-2000 steps
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Your Devil-Angel Conversation: I did a zumba/yoga combo this morning so I definitely stretched. Haven't learned about the flexibility workouts yet. I feel sore right now in my back, thighs, & sides but I think that's really from stretching all the tension out of my body. I felt way better afterwards. I've been carrying so much tension in my lower back and hips in particular. It felt wonderful to release it. Airing inn the car texting for over an hour after didn't help. Neither did all the pastries I ate at the brunch after class./The Devil/Angel was when I was in the car after I left and realized so much time has passed (>1 hr). I was feeling sore from all the sitting, thought about walking around in the grass and getting some sun, decided to stay in the car b/c it was cold out (but not bad-I had a sweater on so it would've felt good)./Reflection: I've been noticing since I listened to the first week coaching call earlier this week that I've been intentionally bending at the knees instead of at the lower back. I even catch myself at home (not just at a bartending gig). I'm really happy about this. It really bothers my lower back to keep bending it. Also noticed my Devil's arguments that win are based on "that will take too much time (I have too much to do)" and "I'm too tired." The Angel wins when I am aware I've been sitting too long or too much and I really need to move around (usually it'll be triggered by noticing a lot of tension in my body).
Flexibility Workouts: