Water Drank: 10 glasses
Steps Counted: 2000-5000 steps
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: I only had small water bottle at work so I had to keep getting up. I'm really squatting instead of bending more which is cool. I went for an hour long walk after work just to move more and take a mental break. It's been really nice. I've enjoyed it. It was also day 1 of a 48 hour fast. Haven't geeky hungry at all. Very little mental/emotional bother about food too. It's been fantastic ANF after some coffee I've felt super Ashley. I even did over hours of working on my 2020 tax extended which is unheard of. It was a struggle to manage 1-1.5 hours and stay focused./Noticed the convo when I got home and recognized I could've worked on my taxes standing but decided not to b/c it was the end of the day and I will stand tomorrow.
Flexibility Workouts: