Water Drank: 10 glasses
Steps Counted: under-2000 steps
How many times you decide not to move: 4 times that I can actively remember thinking about it. Once while my stomach was full for hours & I was standing the whole time. 2 times I sat down while going through my work to-do lists at the end of the day. I thought ~5 mins ago I could grab my toothbrush then decided not to.
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: 1st time I sat down: haven't given my body the opportunity to digest. 2nd/3rd time I thought about how I was sitting after the fact & chose to stay sitting b/c I'd been standing all day (then thought how I would be sitting all night & kept sitting anyway). Then I chose to sit on the couch to do my personal admin rather than stand up in the dining room even though I wasn't tired. Chose to "follow the plan" & appreciated separating my work spaces.
Flexibility Workouts: