Water Drank: 5 glasses
Steps Counted: 2000-5000 steps
How many times you decide not to move: As much as possible. I failed miserably and went for a walk to clear my head at the beach
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: MA: I am going crazy inside these walls. MD what do you have in mind? MA What about a walk at the beach, along the pier? MD Eric said no exercise MA Well I have been really good and stopped even walking around the river at breaks. I need to be near the water. I am going stir crazy MD I guess we can go get some fresh air and just enjoy the ocean MA We can? I will not walk too far. MD We will do the bare minimum MA ok, bare minimum. MD Walking along the beach for a little is ok. Where are we going now? MA we can walk on the pier. MD Not too much exercise. MA But I feel good, I need to stretch. MD Ok but we go half way and no crazy stuff ok MA Deal. I will compromise and go down the stairs rather than right around the pier. MD It will have to do MA Thank you I needed the fresh air and movement I feel like I am missing out on so much. MD No over doing things though.