Water Drank: 5 glasses
Steps Counted: under-2000 steps
How many times you decide not to move: As little as possible. A woman fell down an escalator. With the help of another bystander we each took her under her arm and stood her up. I had so much energy for a 50 year old woman, I even could bend down and help tie up her shoes again. I stood without fuss and walked on. I do not think I have experienced that type of energy for a very long time. It felt great!
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Bare minimum. MD Today we are just hanging around the house. MA oh how exciting. MD you have marking to do. MA I can do that later, lets go shopping MD No, marking to do and minimal exercise MA. MA But....MD if you dont do the marking you will stress than next thing you know we are walking and breaking our promise to ourself to do good for us in the long run. Remember we are practising bubblegum laziness. MA Well it sucks, I feel caged in. MD Wow Now you are wanting to move around more without my prompts? Wow what is happening. MA. I dont know. Is it because someone said I cant move. Embrace laziness? MD Bubblegum laziness we need to understand what that is. MA ok , still though hmmmm