Water Drank: 10 glasses
Steps Counted: over-10000 steps
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Today I made the conscious effort to aim for 10k steps in my daily work time and I achieved this goal and then some. By the time I got home I had walked 11480 steps. I walked five flights of stairs down x 3 over the course of my day and also was more conscious of moving and not remaining sedentary. My food choices were in alignment with my goal to really step up and show up for me. I didnt have too much angel devil dialogue except when it came to a snack because I got hungry and decided on some beef jerky instead of a yoghurt covered muesli bar I had added to my daily routine. That has stopped since the day I began Wilderbody. I drank herbal tea and black tea throughout the day because it was too cold. I just have black tea with no added sugar or milk. When I arrived home I drank 1.5L of water straight away. I have been watching the cues I knew so well when doing the Wildfit challenge and now I remember them again. I am being more conscious in my choices. Thank you.
Flexibility Workouts: