Water Drank: 9 glasses
Steps Counted: 5000-10000 steps
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Steps 8309 Watched all the videos provided and managed both the 1st and 2nd videos. WIth varying degrees of difficulty range from 80-95% difficulty. The final video was a series of exercises which needed equipment I do not have at home. So I deided I will continue with Yoga classes, 45 minutes x 3 weekly. Maybe even pilates for the absolute beginners. I noticed my Movement devil conversation today.. I felt lethargic and had to push myself to walk. MD: I am too tired my legs are dragging along the ground. MA: Yes, let's see if it really is true? MD: oh the drudgery! MA: Ok I know but let's see once we have walked around the river twice. MD: Im hungry. MA Ok lets eat something MD: I need something fatty to give me energy. Bacon and eggs. MA you can have bacon but its poached eggs ok. MD Deal. MA and when we are done we are walking around the river again and talking about the course content we are facing right now. Keep up the peppermint tea. Let it help ease you. Later in the day, a heavy day at work for the entire team, I picked herbal tea and a berry oat crumble. Like a reward and a quick pick me up.. I chose to walk the five flights down to the cafe and managed to beat a couple her were coming down the elevator. I had spent my lunchtime walking in the local gardens and stretching and walking a good solid 5k steps since arriving at work. It was a good pick me up. Today was an experimental day for me. I seemed to be hungry but once I arrived home I realised it was my Food devil that was on alert. My increase in exercise requires I eat more than what I have over the last three months. I usually eat one to two meals a day. Usually my big meal is the middle of the day and a light dinner at night. I realised I had not had my alkagizer as I normally do. Tomorrow I make the changes better and brighter.. I am making progress. and I can feel my body is getting more easier to walk in. Oh my psychologoy with physical exercise is a drama and a half. I will make it trough this Wilderbody challenge. I forgot to mention I woke up this morning and did the flexibility routine Eric showed. How did I feel before and after? I felt lethargic pre stretching, and post stretching I felt considerably alive and energetic.
Flexibility Workouts: