Water Drank: 8 glasses
Steps Counted: 5000-10000 steps
How many times you decide not to move: I took as many opportunities as I could to move. I walked around the block before going into work and found it made a difference. I also realise I need to say no more often as it leads to scattered thinking then I become anxious and fall into the hysteria happening at my workplace.
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Steps: 9617. Each step counted. I noticed how quickly I forgot to add intentional movement into my daily practice. Once I realised this I made sure I went down the stairs and up the stairs. I walked as much as I could and especially when I was under pressure to perform. I needed to get outside and clear my mind. I bought lunch and rather than wait in queue I walked around the block and then came back 1k steps added to my step count. I notice my steps are flowing easier and although I can not wear trainers to walk I do wear comfortable boots to walk briskly in. I also noticed my colleague has begun Zumba classes but I prefer to maintain adding intentional movements in and make incremental progress than crash and burn and put myself in to deficit thinking. At home I need to build a routine where I can do everything I need better. I am going to trial exercise before bed and see if this makes a difference to my overall sleep patterns and thinking. I also noticed my apetite is increasing not drastically but I find I get hungrier. I also have noticed my stress levels resolve in the Food Devil wanting quick satisfaction. I brought a yoghurt covered muesli bar and walked 1.5k steps while eating it. I felt a bit more relieved. I also feel guilty that I am going for walks and do not like being sedentary at work. I feel guilty about being outside and stretching my limbs to meet my own psychological health needs.
Flexibility Workouts: