Water Drank: 10 glasses
Steps Counted: 5000-10000 steps
How many times you decide not to move: II did not go down the stairs twice, but made up for it with every other available time to use the stairs and walk as much as possible taking every opportunity to do as such.
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Steps: 6020. I forgot to take the steps and have a multitude of excuses. Again I am running to others timing, and found myself scattered with unknown variables to deal with. I kept stealing moments of time to get outside and walk briefly to calm my nerves and get into the right head space. It was fantastic. I attempted three lots of yoga stretches toniight and I realise I am trying to figure out which works best for my body without overdoing things. I like Peggy Cappy's yoga routines as they are gentle. Right about now I am working on gentleness of myself and mindful I need to be gentle on myself. Her presence and gentleness encourages me to stretch and intentioinally aim for flexibility without the pain. Learning discomfort is ok but pain tells me I have gone to far, and pull back gently and hold my stretches. My happy zone is a little way off but available for me to use.
Flexibility Workouts: