Water Drank: 10 glasses
Steps Counted: 5000-10000 steps
How many times you decide not to move: There were a couple of times during the day I decided to not walk up a flight of stairs, then I realised I am only going up one flight. One flight led to another flight throughout the morning. My mind knows I need to be moving intentionally and that is good.
Your Devil-Angel Conversation: Steps: 5342. I realise the step count today is not necessarily accurate because I did not have my phone with me at all times because it was charging. I walked down five flights of stairs a couple of times, up two flights of stairs and walked around the block without the phone. Perhaps 1000 steps could be added to this total.Today it was sore to walk. My feet were hurting and it was my shoes causing the discomfort. So end of the day still at work I took off my shoes and let them rest put my shoes back on about a half an hour later and went for a walk. I was mindful of my walking and realised it was the type of boot I was wearing. I will have to find flatter boots to wear so I can continue to walk briskly. I even walked up the stairs today and down the five flights of stairs as much as I could. I continue to be intentional in my movement using every step counts and although I did not walk the distances I am doing with relative ease I am continuing to move intentionally. Today I realise my soreness was from overdoing the stretching components so I will figure out what works best for me. I will use, be gentle on myself, I do not want to hurt today, nor wake up tomorrow sore either. I will figure out the best possible exercises to help me integrate intentional movement, and integrate intentional muscle movement as well. I noticed on the stairs going down my knee was playing up so I stood on the stairwell and did a few reps of ankle stretching my knee didnt hurt after that. I was happy about that.
Flexibility Workouts: